The Haven in Jamaica is a destination
for wellness that specifically caters to
people who have been recently
diagnosed with cancer or those cancer
survivors who are looking for alternative
paths to keep cancer away via

Haven guests are accompanied by
trained guides from the US to Jamaica,
during their stay, and on the return home.
The Haven in Jamaica offers guests
rest, an experience of healing from the
sea the sunshine and the Island
breeze, a way to be taken care of
without any worries for the length of
the stay, freedom to enjoy
reconnecting to their body with daily
massage therapy, individual
consultation with a naturopathic doctor
and medical herbalist, food that heals
and an experience of the joyful
Jamaican people.
The Haven Program is sponsored by the
Julia Ruffin Project and hosted by Sea
Garden Beach Resort in Montego Bay.
This resort is all-inclusive and offers a
most beautiful beach, lovely
accommodations, on-site wellness
consultant and first quality service.
nights and a session costs $3000
including airfare from most major US

To book a session call the Program
Coordinator for the Haven at
(404) 396-6759

The Julia Ruffin Project is a not for
profit organization.